Best Blockchain Security Companies

Top 7 Blockchain Security Companies 2022

Thanks to the blockchain technology system, about 300 billion cryptocurrencies have been generated worldwide. In addition, each blockchain system processes huge volumes of transactions daily using decentralized finance services.

For example, the popular and widely-used Ethereum has more than a million smart contracts on its account. However, despite active developments and innovations in the field of cryptocurrencies, the blockchain system is still not fully protected from hacker attacks from outside.

As a result, millions of people are at risk of losing money. At the same time, big crypto exchanges (like Binance, FTX, and other blockchain companies) risk losing their reputation.

In addition, the blockchain system is a relatively new development that needs to be polished and improved. Nevertheless, it is now becoming clear that the future belongs to cryptocurrency: this is a tool that will globally influence traditional socio-economic systems.

That is why there is an urgent need to develop a new architecture for the blockchain ecosystem. In this review, you can learn more about the top seven campaigns that specialize in crypto security. They can conduct a smart contract audit and Blockchain Audit, analyze the entire blockchain ecosystem, provide fraud prevention, and help protect against malicious blockchain users.

What Does Blockchain Security Mean?

Blockchain is a special distributed ledger technology (DLT) developed to increase trust and transparency in executing various transactions. It is a decentralized registry system that is independently duplicated and distributed. You can get more information about this technology and how it works on

With the help of the blockchain, you can easily access any nodes and participants in the transaction, which can record, share, and view information. This information is encrypted privately into a set of blockchains.

Each block can only store a certain amount of data. As soon as its volume is exhausted, it is combined with the previous full block. Thus a data chain is formed. Blockchain security is a comprehensive risk management approach for various networks and crypto businesses. It includes protection tools, prevention of hacking the blockchain space, security loophole analysis, and best practices to reduce the risk of fraud.

Top 7 Blockchain Security Companies 2022

Below, you can check the Top 7 Firms that provide high-level cybersecurity services. The current list is relevant and actual in 2022.

#1 Hacken

Hacken is a multipurpose blockchain security platform that offers a wide range of crypto security analysis services.

  1. Smart contracts security advice.
  2. External attack testing.
  3. Mobile device vulnerabilities, and much more.

Thus, the platform mainly focuses on providing blockchain security services. However, this does not prevent it from developing solutions for IT companies in general.

Among the company’s merits, its impeccable reputation among the top crypto platforms for achievements in risk assessment is worth noting. Moreover, among Haken’s clients, there are a lot of crypto services, including such a giant as Air Asia.

The platform employs both licensed engineers in the field of cybersecurity as well as white hat hackers. Separately, it is worth noting the HackenAI solution, which was created to secure the end user from potential security threats and account attacks. With the help of this software, it is easy to track password compromise attempts and attacks from the darknet.

#2 Fireblocks

Fireblocks is a popular company specializing in blockchain technology, smart contracts, and cybersecurity in general. The scope of its competence also includes work with various digital assets and finance, tokenization, and so on.

The platform is headquartered in New York and has multiple offices in most parts of the world. Currently, the company employs more than 200 who provide effective interaction with more than 20 investors. Fireblock uses only the latest developments in the field to resolve not only the present but also the potential blockchain problems in the future.

#3 Chainalysis

Chainalysis is another big New York-based blockchain security platform. It was founded in 2014 and, since then, has grown to become the world leader in the industry. Chainalysis can boast many solutions for security analysis and crypto investigations of any crimes related to blockchain projects.

The company currently cooperates with dozens of companies (both public and private) in more than 60 countries around the world. In addition, the company recently announced the development and implementation of sanctions verification tools, API, and network oracle.

Both programs are free and available to any user. Their main goal is to make it easier for DEX, DeFi, DAO, and DApp developers to follow the sanctions policy strictly.

#4 Slowmist

Compared to the previous company, Slowmist is a younger entry in the market. It has been operating since 2018 and ensures the security of the blockchain ecosystem. The company’s top clients are Binance, Amber Group, EOS, imToken, MultiChain, and others.

Slowmist’s best cybersecurity experts and white hat hackers develop comprehensive security solutions. An important feature of Slowmist is an individual approach to clients and their projects.

This way, the company develops a unique approach and software for each new case. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology and strategic approach, Slowmist is the company that sets the trends in the industry, which the majority look up to.

#5 TRM Labs

TRM Labs is an industry leader that helps various top blockchain companies (both public and private) to manage crypto risk. In its work, TRM Labs uses blockchain analytics to increase loyalty and trust in digital assets.

However, this relatively new representative of the industry shows rapid growth. The company’s main office is in San Francisco. Its staff includes about 50 specialists and white hat hackers.

Among the main aspects of activity, one can single out monitoring of transactions, detection of money laundering, and development of regulations for cryptocurrency. The company has cooperated with many crypto platforms and financial corporations like Falcon X, Moonpay, Cello, etc.

#6 CipherTrace

Even though CipherTrace is not a newcomer to the crypto security market, this blockchain security company continues its active growth and consolidation. Notably, after six years of independent operation, CipherTrace was acquired by Mastercard in 2021.

As with previous industry representatives, the main task of CipherTrace is to ensure the security of the crypto assets of various financial institutions. Among its clients, there are multiple banks and exchanges for which CipherTrace analyzes the flow of transactions, identifying loopholes in the security system, detecting money laundering facts, etc.

Among the services provided by the company, you can see solutions for encrypting virtual assets and setting up a bank protection system. In addition, CipherTrace uses artificial intelligence to check crypto wallets, blockchain networks, payment processors, private keys, etc.

#7 Coinfirm

Coinfirm is a blockchain security company that was founded in 2016 as a platform for the development of regulatory technologies in the field of cryptocurrency flows. The main goal of Coinfirm is to various blockchain technologies and their interaction.

Coinfirm is headquartered in London but has offices worldwide, including the USA, Poland, Japan, etc. In addition to the rapid development of security systems, the company is engaged in a strategic analysis of the cryptocurrency market for the long-term scaling of digital money and blockchain systems.

Coinfirm was one of the first companies to offer its solutions to expand access to financial services and work against the human trafficking market. In addition, Coinfirm is also engaged in forensic expertise to handle money laundering, financial crime risk, etc.


What is blockchain technology?

It is a special information recording system used in cryptocurrency transactions that prevent data from being changed or hacked.

What does formal verification mean?

It is the process of proving or refuting the correctness of the supposed algorithms that underlie the system.

What is a smart contract?

This transaction protocol is designed to automatically execute, manage and record financially and legally significant events by predetermined norms.

What does the crypto exchange platform mean?

It is a special online portal. It allows you to buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrencies.