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  • Can Blockchain Be Hacked?

    Can Blockchain Be Hacked?

    In this day and age, the majority of tech organizations and enterprises widely implement blockchain technologies for secure and efficient business operations. And the primary engaging feature of this digital transformation that attracts so many people and companies worldwide is its highly secure infrastructure and decentralized nature. But is blockchain absolutely safe? Although the platform […]

  • Blockchain Security Issues and Vulnerabilities

    Blockchain Security Issues and Vulnerabilities

    Although Blockchain is inherently protected, it has some security-related downsides. Digital ledgers are helpful for businesses, so they have grown in popularity over several years as the crypto-markets have moved toward center stage. Rather than crypto assets, there are several ledger use cases, such as blockchain gaming. However, along with its rapid use, many ledger […]

  • The 5 Blockchain Security Best Practices

    The 5 Blockchain Security Best Practices

    Blockchain is a technology that is already familiar to the whole world. Developed almost 30 years ago, it became known thanks to bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that revolutionized payment technologies. Blockchain is being used in financial services, logistics, proof-of-protocol systems, as well as sales and tracking of digital products. Also, do not forget about the blockchain […]

  • How to Perform a Blockchain Security Audit?

    How to Perform a Blockchain Security Audit?

    Blockchain auditing is a security technology that supports high-value transactions on the blockchain. The process involves using code analysis to identify any vulnerabilities in the system and fix any errors in those programs. A Blockchain security audit is a great tool to evaluate a company’s processes and ensure that records are as accurate as possible. […]